Monday, November 7, 2011

The Weather Outside Is..... Well, It's Weather..

If you'd like to use this photo please get my permission.
The storms were coming and I was not prepared! One minute the sun is blazing and the next minute.... well, you can see. The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees and the winds picked up. I loaded my bathroom with storm supplies just in case of a twister and then went outside and took this photograph. I jokingly said to my neighbour who was also outside that I was taking a before picture... nope... she didn't think that was funny either.. lol. Good news is that I didn't need to worry. The storm was more bark than bite and for that I am very grateful!

These two photos were taken in Gulfport, Mississippi on my way to my Aunt's house. The weather turned pretty nasty. The rains held off until about 5 minutes before I pulled up to her front door.. So I got drenched and caught a cold but I was able to get two good pictures out of it and am happy. I also got over my cold in record time. 4 days! Go me.. lol.

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